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Best Flattering Knitwear for Plus Size (Up to 5XL)

There are many problems that plus-size cuties face when buying knitted clothes, but one of the biggest ones is the lack of size-inclusive, stylish, and affordable options in the market.

Many designer fashion brands don’t make plus size knitwear, but we are not one of them. As a size and gender inclusive clothing brand with 20+ years of knitwear development experience, we designed all of our clothing to be unisex and flattering to all body shapes/sizes. Here is our sizing guide.

This guide is for you who are looking for flattering knitted clothing for plus sizes.

Oversized Knit Cardigan Plus Size

Stand out from the crowd with our super comfortable ethical plus size clothing this fall/autumn, winter and Christmas. Choose from classic black cardigans, bold original designs, bright colors and seasonal embellishments. Discover your favorite styles with our Big and Tall 5XL Cardigan. Keep warm with the latest plus size unisex knitwear designs.

Oversized Black Knitwear

Perfect for work or the weekend, black knitwear are a must-have for bigger guys and ladies. From long-hem knits to layer over your plus size jeans to fancier styles you can dress up with your skirts, you’ll be spoiled for choice with our plus size knitwear.

Plus Size Heart Sweater

Up your knitwear game with our edit of plus-size heart jumpers and cardies. Whether you want a bold print or something low-key, we’ve got every style. We want to make you feel snug and chic (win-win). Cozy and very versatile, your romantic love themed oversized knitwear can be styled with everything from leather trousers to casual jeans.

5XL Designer Sweaters

“I don’t want cheap fast-fashion pieces that fall apart after one wear. I don’t wear expensive basics that cost double or triple the price they are worth. I don’t want another body-con dress, nor do I want a muumuu. I want knitwear actually is fashionable and high quality.” 

Welcome to Little Good Knits, our plus size jumpers will get you through the season in style.

Hooded Plus Size Knitwear

Discover this season’s must-have hooded knits with our cozy edit of plus size cardigan, available up to UK sizes 58 or 5XL. Our collection of plus size cardigans makes layering easy, with soft knitted styles to throw on, including chunky knitted cardigans, longline lengths for added warmth, and new patterns to try.

Summer Knit Plus Size

Take your style one step further with our latest selection of plus size knitwear for summer. Our curve knitwear includes a variety of warm flattering quirky alternatives to complete your wardrobe. Wrap up with plus size jumpers in seasonal classics and trending styles, such as oversized sweaters for laid-back looks, knit cardigans to feed your addiction into the cooler mornings and evenings, and knitted scarves for the perfect transitional piece.

Our plus size cardigans are available in cashmere, mohair, wool, cotton and recycled polyesters, they are ideal for layering and can be worn over any outfit as needed. Buy our plus size men’s and women’s knitwear to meet all of your knitted desires.

Problems with Plus Size Knitwear Shopping

Why is it so difficult to find pretty Plus Size knitted clothing?

There are several problems that make it difficult to find pretty plus size knitted clothing. These are the reasons of why most plus size cuties find shopping for plus size apparel to be a stressful and ‘hit or miss’ experience.

  • The lack of size-inclusive brands and retailers that offer plus size knitwear. Not seeing the same cuts/styles available in larger sizes as they are for smaller sizes. According to a study by Coresight Research, only 37% of US apparel brands offer plus sizes, and only 18% of them offer sizes above 24. Many mainstream brands and retailers do not cater to the plus size market, or offer limited options that are often poorly designed, low quality, or unflattering.
  • The high cost and complexity of producing plus size knitwear. Some brands and retailers claim that it is too expensive or challenging to produce plus size knitwear, as it requires more fabric/yarn, more skilled labor, more quality control, and more customization. They also argue that the demand for plus size knitwear is not high enough to justify the investment. 
  • The lack of representation and visibility of plus size knitwear in the fashion industry and media. The models used to show plus-sized clothes are not true plus-sized people. Plus size customers often struggle to find inspiration, information, and guidance on how to style and wear plus size knitwear, as they are rarely featured or celebrated in fashion magazines, blogs, social media, or catwalks. They also face stigma, discrimination, and harassment from society, which can affect their self-esteem, confidence, and motivation to shop for plus size knitwear.
  • Hard to find clothes that don’t look like they are maternity clothes. The designs are just not pretty nor fashionable.
  • Too much cheap floral fabric, polyester, or bedazzled items. Size is not the only problem. Fabrics can often be difficult. Cheap, fragile materials with little structure or elasticity are commonly used. However, with a little consideration for plus size proportions and the way tailored clothing should move, plus-size clothes may attain a superb fit while remaining really comfortable.
  • Most design houses simply ‘scale up’ from a regular size mannequin, or worse, believe plus size cuties have the flawless plus size hourglass shape. Plus-size figures come in a variety of forms and sizes, and weight is not evenly distributed. From apple forms to pears, plus size bodies are all unique.
  • Too much size confusion. Many experienced shoppers know a size 14 in one store does not necessarily mean a size 14 in another. However, if you start shopping in plus sizes, things become even more complex! There’s an incredible variety of sizes available. Clear size guides would be helpful, but there appears to be little uniformity once you exceed a store’s regular size range.
  • Plus-size does not mean tall. Another point of contention within the plus-size community is that when you scale up for size, you are assumed to be taller but that is not the case!

These are some of the main factors that make it difficult to find pretty plus size knitwear, but there may be more. Fortunately, there are also some positive signs of change and improvement in the plus size knitwear market addressing common plus size struggles, frustration and complaints, such as:

  • The emergence and growth of plus size knitwear brands and retailers that are dedicated to serving the needs, preferences, and expectations of plus size customers, such as us (LittleGoodKnits.com). These brands and retailers offer a wide range of styles, colors, and sizes of plus size knitwear, as well as high quality, affordability, and convenience.
  • The increase and diversification of plus size knitwear influencers and advocates that are creating and sharing content, tips, and advice on how to rock plus size knitwear, such as Gabi Gregg, Nicolette Mason, Tess Holliday, Ashley Graham, and more. These influencers and advocates are also challenging and changing the norms, standards, and perceptions of plus size knitwear, as well as empowering and inspiring other plus size customers.
  • The rise and spread of plus size knitwear movements and communities that are promoting and celebrating plus size knitwear, such as #MakeMySize, #PlusIsEqual, #EffYourBeautyStandards, and more. These movements and communities are also creating and demanding more awareness, representation, and inclusion of plus size knitwear in the fashion industry and media.

These are some of the hopeful signs of change and improvement in the plus size knitwear market, but there is still a lot of room for growth and progress. Plus size customers deserve to have access to pretty plus size knitwear that fits their body, style, and budget, and that makes them feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful.

How to Choose the Best Sweaters for Plus Size?

Here are some tips to help you find the best knitwear for your body type and style:

  • Look for knitwear that fits well and has some structure. Avoid knitwear that is too tight or too loose, as it can make you look bigger or smaller than you are. Instead, opt for knitwear that hugs your body without restricting your movement or creating bulges. Look for knitwear that has some shape and definition which can create a flattering silhouette and draw attention to your face.
  • Choose knitwear that suits your color and pattern preferences. There is no rule that says plus size men and women can only wear dark or solid colors, or avoid patterns or prints. You can wear any color or pattern that makes you happy and confident, as long as it matches your skin tone, hair color, and eye color. However, some general tips are to avoid colors that are too bright or too dull, and to opt for colors that are rich and deep, such as navy, burgundy, or olive. You can also wear patterns or prints, such as stripes, checks, or argyle, but make sure they are not too busy or too large, and that they complement your body shape and size.
  • Layer your knitwear with other pieces of clothing. Layering can be a great way to add some interest, warmth, and style to your outfit, as well as to balance your proportions and hide any problem areas. You can layer your knitwear with a shirt, a jacket, a coat, or a scarf, depending on the weather and the occasion. However, make sure you don’t layer too much or too thick, as it can add unnecessary bulk and make you look overheated. Also, make sure your layers are coordinated and harmonious, and that they fit well and comfortably.
  • Choose your fabrics wisely. Avoid fabrics that are too thin, clingy, or shiny, as they can highlight every bump and curve. Instead, go for fabrics that are weighty, textured, and matte, such as wool, cotton, or mohair, that can drape well and smooth out your shape.

You should always be experimenting with different styles, colors, and patterns. The most important thing is to wear knitwear that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and happy.

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