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Updated 23 Jan, 2024

* Each party agrees to keep all sensitive and confidential financial, product, business, or commercial information and communications they obtain in connection with these Terms and any Campaign confidential and not disclose them unless disclosure is required by an authority, a court/tribunal, or to obtain professional advice.

* This guide is hidden from the website and can only be accessed from a direct URL shared with invited creators. Please do not share the URL and/or the information on social media or with the public.

* LittleGoodKnits.com retains the right to modify any aspect of the website at any time and without notice. The creator’s agreement will adhere to the terms and conditions agreed upon at the time of cooperation.

What is special about KNITs?

Did you know that knitwear makes up more than a third of the world’s fashion market? This number even approaches 50% during the cold months. The knit sector is also very technical, requiring even the most talented fashion designer to employ an expert knit consultant to convert the design sketch into technical drawings for the digital knitting machines or hand knitters.

LittleGoodKnits.com is fortunate to have one of these highly skilled knit consultants in-house (more HERE); as a result, we can assist creators in producing the most unique and difficult knit items at a reasonable price, even for small orders. Indeed, even someone WITHOUT knitting skills or understanding may create amazing knitwear with ease if they collaborate with us.

From the humble knitted scarf to the intricate Fair Isle sweaters, knitwear has a unique beauty, texture, and power to transform any outfit and/or environment. Knitwear is always a sign of companionship. The warmth conveyed by the texture via the unmatched softness and smoothness of the hand contact is caring, calming, and therapeutic.

Moreover, knitwear has traditionally carried symbolic significance for its wearers. More than just an item of clothing, knitwear can represent a deep connection to our culture, belief, heritage, and traditions. For some, knitwear is a way to express our cultural identity while for others it is a sign of belonging. Knitwear can also be used to show pride in our communities. Knitting can be a form of self-expression, creativity, and even self-care. Knitted garments often hold deeply personal meanings that can be passed down through generations, creating a unique heirloom piece.

How do I get started with the collaboration?

There are currently 3 ways to collaborate

  1. Through an invitation from us to collaborate on a knitwear design campaign. There is no minimum order number (MOQ) if you use the template guideline we provided. All campaigns, though, are limited edition, and the final number made will depend on how many are sold during the early supporter price campaign.
  2. Many artists approached us for an ethical, responsible, premium quality knit product showcasing their artwork for collectors unable to purchase original artwork. Most artists have their own sales channels, like Etsy, their own website, or their own sales or gallery reps. With at least 50 sure pre-orders at the start, there will be full design freedom and no need for a template.
  3. Through a knitwear design competition. We hold knitwear design contests from time to time. For the latest news, you can follow us on Instagram or TikTok.

If you have a friend who is interested in collaborating with us but have not yet been invited, please fill out this form and we will get in touch if we believe we are the ideal partner for each other.

What is the typical launch procedure?

The whole procedure, from invitation to arrival to supporters, often takes around 16 to 21 weeks or 4 to 6 months. Below is a breakdown.

We will also send you the schedule base on your target campaign launch date. If you want it sooner or later, we’ll need to see whether any other creators change their timetable; if so, we’ll contact you, but there’s no guarantee.

***Your quick answer will help the planning and production process go much more smoothly.

The creator receives an invitation from LittleGoodKnits.com.
The creator agrees to collaborate, read the T&C, fills in the design survey form and provides the design.~ 1 weeks’ time
LittleGoodKnits.com provides feedbacks on feasibility.~ We usually reply within 48 hours.
The creator gives more design comments or approves the design sketch.~ 1 weeks’ time
LittleGoodKnits.com produces one knit sample and ships it to the creator for promotion.~ 2 weeks’ time for production, plus 1 to 2 weeks’ time for shipping
The creator receives the knit sample and starts the promotion campaign.~ 1 week time from receiving the sample.
Giveaway promotion campaign starts.~ 1 week time
Early supporter price campaign launches for 21 days.~ 3 weeks
LittleGoodKnits.com will produce all the knits and then ship them to supporters worldwide.~ 1 to 2 weeks’ time for production, plus 1 to 4 weeks’ time for shipping
(so a total of 2 to 6 weeks)
Supporters receive the knits they ordered and share them proudly with the community!

How much money must the creator invest to begin a crowdfunding campaign?

LittleGoodKnits.com is 100% free for the creators. No matter what is the sales number, the creator still gets to keep the lovely unique knit sample developed from concept to reality.

During the campaign, we will pay for the materials, labor, product development, model photoshoot, shipping, packaging, and marketing.

Based on how many were sold during the campaign, LittleGoodKnits.com will talk to the creator, retail partners, and wholesale partners about how many to make in total after the campaign is over. The creator will be paid the agreed-upon commission within 30 days of the campaign’s conclusion, and after the agreement of commission amount/method.

What kind of contribution is expected from the creator?

As a creator, you simply need to give a creative concept and promote your design knits on your social media networks to ensure the success of your campaign launch.

How much can a creator make from each campaign?

Please refer to Little Good Knits Creator Terms of Service for exact numbers.

Note the creator will be given a unique discount code (usually 10% off), should anyone purchase with your unique discount code then the creator will earn an extra marketing commission from customers that you refer. We work with also other affiliates, media partners and fashion influencers to promote your designs, if the customer decided to use their discount code, then that marketing commission will be their commission. Refunds, promotional free copies, mutually agreed charity donation and shipping fees are not included.

Our marketing commission is designed to encourage all creators to help the community and help promoting other creator campaigns. Please join us to promote an encouraging and inspired environment filled with wit, soul, meaning and aesthetic genius.

Do you guarantee wholesale or retail sales?

No, we cannot guarantee wholesale or retail sales. Little Good Knits is a new ecommerce D2C brand, but the team behind it has close to 2 decades of knitwear wholesale experience. Currently, we have 100+ partners, but they are free to pick and choose what they want to sell.

Other than factors like RRP, MOQ, quality and sustainability. Usually our partners made the decisions base on

  • how well their products sold during the Early Supporter Price campaign.
  • the niches of their sales channel (for example, dopamine dressing or oddities).
  • the values they believed in (for example, supporting LGBTQ+ creators, local artists, certain social movement).

When will the creator get compensated?

The creator will be paid the agreed-upon commission within 30 days of the campaign’s conclusion, and after the agreement of commission amount/method.

Do you have any design tips?

After more than a decade of working with independent fashion brands to develop knits with distinct features, here is a set of advice for all creators to ensure launch success.

  • Think of what your supporters will LOVE.

A well-adored character of your content, a slogan, a pattern, a reminder, a color theme, a heartwarming message to your supporters, a joke, an emotion, a memory, a narrative, or simply a hand feel might inspire your design idea. We anticipate seeing something VERY original, personal, exciting, viral and one-of-a-kind that supporters will immediately identify with and LOVE.

  • Think of the time of the launch.

The whole process from conception to delivery may take up to 4 – 6 months, therefore it is essential to plan ahead for the launch season.

Typically, supporters are ready to spend extra for cold-weather knitwear. However, if you have a bunny theme, you may want to manage your timeline such that your supporters have their knitwear before Easter. The same is true for spooky designs for Halloween, pride designs for pride month, and so on. You may also design with your supporters by conducting surveys or polls to get the optimal balance. You can also launch on a special anniversary date.

  • Be aware of other trends happening during the launch month.

If your content is not about a specific IP or image, but rather for a specialized interest, then your launch may be coordinated with the global event calendar. For instance, if your community is obsessed with aquariums, you may develop a design that all aquarium owners and enthusiasts would like during the Aquarium Month. Here is a summary of significant events and festivals throughout the globe arranged by month, week, and day.

You can also ride on other trends of different social media platforms, check these examples: Pinterest trends, Etsy trends, TikTok trends.

  • Design knits that are collectible and giftable.

Everything launched with LittleGoodKnits.com is a limited edition. If the price is reasonable, supporters often do not purchase a single collective item. Instead, supporters usually purchase at least 3 (one for collection, one for self-usage, one for backup or gifts). This is essential to develop a design that is genuinely collectible and giftable. Our best customer (non-wholesale) bought 8 pieces of knitwear from one campaign.

  • Note colors in graphic design can appear significantly different on knitwear.

Colors in graphic designs, paintings, and sketches may appear very different in reality on knitwear because to texture, sunlight situation, viewing angle, and so on. As a result, rather than color code accuracy, it is more necessary to focus on a color that can transmit the emotion (elegance, mystery, contrast, etc.).

  • Plan your knitwear NOT as a flat surface.

Of course, you can create your knitwear in the same way that you would design a 2D illustration. However, it is more fun to design knitwear as a 3D or even 4D art form. When you wear your knitwear, people will see different things and details from different distances, sides of the wearer, and angles (taller person looking down, shorter person looking up, and so on). There may also be hidden messages knitted under the sleeve, at the cuff, or on the inside that are only visible to the wearer. Assume you create a comic series on the knit jumper, and others must walk around the wearer following hints to uncover the entire story. Alternatively, you could write a long poem along the bodice and have others walk around the wearer to read the entire message. There are unlimited possibilities, so let’s have some fun!

Do you have any launch tips?

While LittleGoodKnits.com will assist the creator with advertisements and affiliate marketing, the creator will remain the primary force in promoting the knits to supporters. Consider the following suggestions to boost the likelihood of campaign success:

  • Involve supporters in the design process, so they feel like they designed with you.
  • After following our TikTok account, in our TikTok repost session you can see a lot of posts of how other creators are preparing their launch and involving the supporters in the design process. You can see what kind of content went viral. They can be a good library of inspiration for your content direction. These steps are critical for a successful campaign because not every audience is ready to buy; on average, a consumer needs to see/hear about a product 10.7 times addressing different concerns before trusting enough to purchase.
  • Also, we spoke with a TikTok marketing specialist, who suggested the best strategy is to create a video that is optimized for virality, then use the same account to respond to comments (size, shipping, styles, material, pricing, and so on). TikTok will retarget everyone who watched the popular video to watch the comment videos. And one can create a large number of comment videos; these comment videos will address sales problems, thus they will be the primary videos used to generate sales. However, if these sales videos are released independently, they will never go viral and be seen by a large number of people. This will be a more efficient method. Common concerns include:
    • Material: ***IMPORTANT*** It is a mohair merino wool blend knitwear, NOT a wool knitwear. People have very specific expectations for pure wool knitwear. We had complaints before saying our wool knitwear is lighter and more fuzzy than their usual pure wool knitwear, but the reason is it is not a pure wool knitwear, it is a MOHAIR wool blend knitwear. Mohair is much more expensive than wool, and is famous for being “diamond fiber”, it is ultra strong and long lasting, and extremely lightweight. It gives a signature fuzzy fluffy look, the main concern for some people is it shed (like a cat). There is no pure mohair yarn in the world, so we are using mohair merino wool blend yarn. The reason for choosing this material is that it is sustainable, humane and long lasting, so your favorite knitwear can be a collectible artwear that will last for decades if not longer.
    • Do you ship to Australia or worldwide? Yes we do.
    • What are the refund terms? It is written in all listings: “All sales are final and non-refundable. For damaged products, please visit our FAQ session and get in touch.”
  • Popularity of the giveaway usually can predict the popularity of the campaign, a successful campaign usually has people buying pre-pre launch during the giveaway period.
  • Friday through Sunday are the busiest shopping days.
  • We sold to more women, and the L size is the most popular. 
  • Every time the creator does a shoutout, there is a little flow of purchases. We believe this is because not every social media post reaches all followers, therefore the creator is encouraged to shoutout at different times/dates and from different perspectives to at least get more followers aware of the campaign. You can also just change a little bit of the content(speed, cover image, sequence, background music, filter, zoom, capcut templates) then keep reposting if you want to save time, as long as you are not using the comment method these posts most likely will not reach the same audience.
  • Many people who do not win the giveaway will end up buying.
  • Number of views and followers do not translate into sales. But having a few videos going viral will definitely help more people who can afford to know the existence of the campaign.
  • Most sales occur at the first and last few days of the campaign, so don’t give up or lose faith in the middle of the campaign’s duration.
  • If there is an offline local store/bookstores/gallery/festival etc that closely matches the vibe of your knitwear, feel free to contact them to see if they are interested in carrying the design. It is important to just first understand their concerns and terms then we can discuss whether we can support you and help to fulfill everyone’s interest.
  • In your promotion, make sure to use your discount code to maximize your earnings and give discounts to your supporters.
  • Make sure to # and @LittleGoodKnits so we can keep track and be notified for your campaign related posts.
  • Go live when most of your target audience is going to be online and able to watch your video.
  • Invite your supporters to help share the campaign with their networks. Encourage supporters to share the campaign news and progress in the community. Or engage with your post so more people can see it.
  • Create some kind of early bird rewards, it can even be a shoutout in the next video or something simple and virtual.
  • The key is really to have some elements that may go viral, can be the design, or the process, or the concept etc.

Can I launch multiple campaigns?

The creator can launch one campaign at a time. We like working with creators we like, but we don’t think we should relaunch too often because buyers might get tired of it.

Currently, our target is to launch once per week with various creators, and we want to strike a balance between supporting new creators to test the market and assisting successful creators in launching more knits.

Will I receive a physical copy for promotion?

Yes, of course. We will mail you the knitwear for promotion before launching the campaign. 

What is the best month for my launching campaign?

There are numerous approaches to determine the best launch month; testing is the only way to find out what will be the best for your supporters and your design.

Also, we want to encourage creators to get started as soon as possible. We made a mistake last year when most creators sent in their ideas too late in November for a launch before Christmas. That put a lot of pressure on management.

  • Fashion buyers/agents/distributors/retailers typically shop for the upcoming Q3/Q4 in March to May (after February fashion week). 
  • You can choose to start when your supporters are approaching the cooler months, say September, but they will only receive the knitwear in November. 
  • You can also launch in May, and then your supporters will receive the knitwear as the cooler months begin (late July). 
  • You can even create a design aimed at the fans in Australia/Southern Hemisphere, in which case the cold months will be completely reversed as to those in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Also, the supporter for collectible products is typically less sensitive to seasonality. LOEWE x Studio Ghibli is a recent example; their heavy winter jackets sold out swiftly in the summer. So, designing a collectible piece that truly holds meaning to your community and supporters is always the key to success.
  • Most of the time, styles that came out between March and August had less competition on social media sites.

Can I just hire you to make knits instead of running a campaign?

If you think we are posing too much design and schedule limitations, then you can produce a DIFFERENT knitwear and bypass our campaign system. Please read this for details.

Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) numbers are the industry’s lowest numbers. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality at the most affordable pricing. For more than a decade, we served as a knit consultant and supplier to hundreds of independent designer fashion businesses. We can handle the volume while also meeting all of the quality standards.