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Jessica Kielstra​

Meet Jessica Kielstra, a one of a kind Photographer and Art director from the countryside who now lives and works in London.

With a keen eye for the casual and the spontaneous, Jessica’s work is a celebration of vibrant styles and playful moments. Her photoshoots are a canvas where human expressions, fashion, and creativity blend seamlessly, creating images that are not just seen but felt. Each photograph tells a story, one that speaks of joy, color, and the unfettered spirit of fun.

She also made work for brands including: Google, Speedo, Seedlip, MINI, Cancer Research UK, Tanqueray No.Ten, Revolut. 

🌍 jessicakielstra.com

📷 instagram.com/jesskielstra_photo

📍London, UK

⏳May, 2024

On this page you can find selected photos of Jessica from the collections of “Springtime Nature Picnic”, “Frolicing in the Fields”, “Twins in the Trees” and “Knits on the Line”.

We’d also like to thank our very wonderful models:

Bhavik @bhav.tm

Queer British-Indian model, always exploring the intersections between queer and racial identities.


“I wrote a queer fantasy novel during the pandemic. The book centres around to important aspects of my identity – my queerness and connection to my welsh identity.”

Sophia @sophiaalo (IG) @iyaore (TikTok)

Sophia is a gal who has just moved to London from the Philippines. She is a speech therapist, with a love for expression and helping others, as well as fashion, creativity, and finding the intersections between communication and style.

Can you share a story of your most treasured possession? (and what is it?)

My most treasured possession is a mannequin hand I got from a clear out at college years and years ago.
It belonged to a mannequin that lived in my photography classroom and to me, it represents that entire year spent with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met, and am still friends with to this day. Being a teenager and figuring out life is beyond hard, but that year I spent learning my craft and learning who I was as a person really shaped me to be the woman I am today. 

What is the best creative advice you’ve ever been given?

The best creative advice I’ve ever been given is to not wait till things are perfect. If you hide your work away waiting for the day it finally feels perfect in your mind, you’ll never grow as an artist. Put yourself out there, even if you don’t feel 100% ready. It’s the best way to grow. 


What is your secret dream project?

My secret dream project would be to photograph Miriam Margolyes. She’s the true embodiment of living life the way you want to and not caring about what anyone else thinks.