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A Sign of Belonging

The Knits of Our Time.

Did you know that more than 1/3 of the global fashion business consists of knitwear? This number even approaches 50% during the cold months.

From the humble knitted scarf to the intricate Fair Isle sweaters, knits have a unique beauty, texture and power to transform any outfit and/or environment.

Knits have traditionally carried symbolic significance for their wearers. More than just an item of clothing, knits can represent a deep connection to our culture, belief, heritage, and traditions. For some, knitwear is a way to express our cultural identity while for others it is a sign of belonging. Knits can also be used to show pride in our communities. Knits can be a form of self-expression, creativity and even self-care.

Knitted garments often hold deeply personal meanings that can be passed down through generations, creating a unique heirloom piece that is both very collectible and giftable.

Cultural Identity

Decades of Experience Working With Independent Design Brands on Challenging Projects.

How Did It All Begin?

LittleGoodKnits.com is a small family-run women-owned business based in London. 

LittleGoodKnits.com also means hardwork of a global network of high-quality small factories, yarn suppliers, craftsmen/craftswomen, and partners specializing in various knitting aspects with whom we have collaborated for over a decade. We are friends and we grow with each other.

We are passionate about culture, art, and all things creative, meaningful, and inspirational. We think that chunky cozy warm knits have remarkable healing abilities for those who wear them. We want to continue to use knitwear as canvas to capture history, culture, thoughts, and tales of society, creators, and wearers. We’re also curious in how the hundreds-of-year-old knitwear industry might adapt to latest business models and trends.

Companionship, Cultural Identity, Creativity

Little Good Knits

We collaborate with small independent creators to launch high-quality, limited-edition knitwear. By handling the design development, manufacturing, shipment and customer service, we allow the creators we collaborate with to reach a larger audience with no risk and at no cost.

Good Knits

Instead of fast fashion, we believe in high quality and low cost per wear. Because of this, we want to encourage creators to develop highly unique meaningful designs that can become cultural symbols and speak to the heart of the supporters.

Good Values

The essence of our mission is to assist creators in pursuing their passions while sharing their beliefs with their supporters. When they run campaigns with us, they are able to commercialize their talent to sustain themselves and their families, while also establishing important connections with the supporters

Good Vibes

From the very beginning, minimizing environmental impacts has been fundamental to our growth, and it will continue to inform our everyday choices. For this reason, we offer efforts such as sustainable materials, carbon offsetting, reusable packaging and charity donation matching.

Good Companionship

Let the creators better accompany the supporters via a piece of beautifully designed knitwear. The warmth transmitted through the exceptional softness and smoothness of the knitted texture is soothing, calming, and healing.