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Little Good Knits Knitwear Sizing Guide

Our fantastic knitwear (adult size) is now unisex and available in four sizes that suit most designs. Keep in mind that the cutting is pretty forgiving, so there is some sizing flexibility depending on whether you want a more relaxed oversized appearance or a more fitting look.

We suggest measuring the chest circumference from armpit to underarm of a cardigan/jumper/sweater that fits well and selecting the next size up.

* Our sweaters and cardigans have a relaxed fit with a drop shoulder style. Drop shoulder designs have sleeves that are roughly 8 cm (or 3.15 inches) shorter than standard sleeves.

Knit Sweater / Cardigan Size Guide

***Click this image if you’re using a mobile device to view the dimensions of our mohair-merino wool blend sweaters and cardigans.

Little Good Knits sizes

Size 1

Size 2


Size 3

Size 4

Womens’ Styles

Good for up to L with loose fit

Good for L to XL with loose fit

Good for up to 2XL with loose fit, 3XL with good fit

Good for up to 5XL with loose fit


6 – 18

18 – 22

22 – 26

26 – 30


2 – 14

14 – 18

18 – 22

22 – 26


34 – 46

46 – 50

50 – 54

54 – 58


40 – 52

52 – 56

56 – 60

60 – 64


5 – 17

17 – 21

21 – 25

25 – 29


44 – 77

77 – 88

88 – 99

99 – 110

Mens’ Styles

Good for S with loose fit, up to L with good fit

Good for L with loose fit, up to XL with good fit

Good for XL with loose fit, up to 2XL with good fit

Good for 2XL to 4XL with loose fit


30 – 44

44 – 50

50 – 52

52 – 58


40 – 54

54 – 60

60 – 62

62 – 68


32 – 46

46 – 52

52 – 54

54 – 60


80 – 115

115 – 130

130 – 135

135 – 150

Chest Circumference:  (from underarm to underarm * 2):

118 cm


46.5 inches

126 cm


49.6 inches

134 cm


52.8 inches

150 cm


59 inches

Body Length (from shoulder): 

70 cm


28.7 inches

76 cm


30 inches

79 cm


31.1 inches

85 cm


33.5 inches

Sleeve Length:

53 cm


20.9 inches

54 cm


21.3 inches

56 cm


22.1 inches

59 cm


23.2 inches

Shoulder Width: 

62 cm


24.4 inches

66 cm


26 inches

70 cm


27.6 inches

78 cm


30.7 inches

Zarcia (Height: 170cm, Chest: 83cm, Waist: 60cm, Hips: 89cm) is wearing a Size 1 cardigan.
Max (Height: 186cm, Chest: 95cm, Waist: 75cm, Hips: 94cm) is wearing a Size 1 cardigan.
Jordan (Height: 172cm, Chest: 77cm, Waist: 64cm, Hips: 90cm) is wearing a Size 1 cardigan.
Lien (Height: 172cm, Chest: 103cm, Waist: 84cm, Hips: 113cm) is wearing a Size 2 black sweater.
Kirill (Height: 186cm, Chest: 88cm, Waist: 72cm, Hips: 93cm) is wearing a Size 2 for Purple sweater, and a Size 1 for Pink sweater. 

Knitwear Sizing FAQs​

How do you know what size knitwear to buy?

The easiest way is to measure a knitwear you love to wear.

The most practical and time-saving technique for determining a size is to start with a sweater/jumper/cardigan you currently own and measure it. Lay it down on the floor and take three critical measurements:

  1. Chest measurement (measure across and multiply by 2).
  2. Body length is measured from the shoulder to the hem.
  3. Sleeve length is measured from underarm to hem.

With these critical dimensions in hand, compare the sizing chart. Find the size with the finished chest measurement that most closely matches the dimension of your favorite sweater, that is it.

How do you know what size knitwear to buy as a gift?

Knitwear are no exception to the rule that everyone enjoys wearing their garments differently. 

When purchasing a sweater as a gift, you should not only consider the person’s usual sweater size but also the preferred outfit style. If relaxed ‘slouchy’ sweaters make the person feel snug and fashionable, go for a size with a few inches of positive ease. Choose a chest measurement with zero or negative ease if a close body-hugging fit makes the person feel their best.

Should you size up for a knitwear?

All of our sizes have a loose fit, so if you usually get bigger sizes in other brands, you might not need to do that with ours.
Knit Sweaters/Jumpers:

There is nothing wrong with ordering a sweater that is little larger than your typical size. If you look after your sweater and avoid exposing it to severe temperatures (particularly heat), it should retain its shape for the most part.

Knit Cardigans:

Certain styles and fashion trends support the oversized or baggy cardigan look. For the winter, you can wear your knitted cardigan as an outer jacket over a lot of layers of clothes.