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Custom Knit Manufacturing

Looking for someone to design and/or manufacture your custom knitwear? LittleGoodKnits.com offers a fully proven solution as your knitwear designers, knit consultant, manufacturers and wholesalers of custom made private label knitwear and white label knitwear. Manufacturing knitwears can be tricky. Choosing the style of knit, yarns, colors, thickness, knitting stitches, machines to knit on are among the many decisions you need to make. It can be very difficult. We are experts in developing knitwear and have a range of specialist knit factories which we work with depending on what you’re trying to create. We have specialist knitwear designers that work with knitted fashion all the time and are experts in making every type of garment. If you need to create your own specialist knit product, we would be thrilled to help. Get In Touch

Our knits help to build brands.

We make high quality custom knitwears ideal for resale, promotions, marketing, gifts and all round fun! All of our sweaters, cardigans, lounge wears and other knit products are knitted from scratch to look and feel amazing. Unlike printed sweatshirts, these knitwears are made to a high quality to ensure they are a premium product that can be worn for years. We work with a lot of fashion brands, designers and creators who order from us regularly and we’re really proud of what we do.
    • Super fast, 14 days from idea to product!
    • A skilled team to help realize your challenging design!
    • Super soft, amazing quality!
    • Minimum order of just 50 pieces!

Who we work with?

We work with industry-leading retailers and brands to manufacture their latest collections, tailored to their specific audiences. We also work with companies for upgraded one of a kind merch/gifts.
    • You are an indie fashion brands that value quality and design originity, but do not know how to realize the design from sketch?
    • You are a company, creators or influencers who want better and more impressive merch for your brand?
    • You have a wholesale business, but still want to offer small lots?
    • You are a retailer, but are unsure about how much you can sell of a new knitwear design?
    • You are a designer or just like designing knitwear as a hobby, but don’t have any production capacity at hand or not experience in sourcing knitwear?
Create knitted outfits for your next big corporate event, for resale, for staff uniforms, for connecting with your fanbase and for fun, memorable gifts. Our knitwears are fully custom made, eco-friendly and sustainable, which means you can create something truly special and meaningful for your brand. Each partner is assigned an account manager to guide them through the entire process and ensure it goes as smoothly as possible from design to delivery. Benefitting from our expertise and supplier partnerships, we can support emerging brands to develop their collections with flexible minimum order quantities.

What we knit?

We can be your manufacturer for knitted sweaters, jumpers, cardigans, lounge wears, scarves, mitten, beanies, blankets etc. We don’t offer cheap sweaters or terrible sweatshirts, we think they look terrible and don’t reflect the quality of the brands we work with. We only offer great quality knits that you’ll be proud to give to employees, influencers, clients, customers etc.

How we knit?

Our knitwears are knitted from scratch to order. This allows you to completely unlock the originality of your brand. We can use whatever colors and material you like. You can have whatever pattern and details you want all over the knitwear. We’ve developed reliable processes in our factories which means that our minimum order quantity is just 50 and we look after everything, including shipping. The knitting process is highly complex and there are so many little details involved it can be very frustrating. Knitting Factories are difficult to find and usually have minimum order quantities of 500 units per size. The quality tends to be poor and they’re always (always!) late. Usually, it’s about a 3-6 month lead time. We worked as knit consultant for different indie fashion brands for more than a decade now. We’re brilliant at manufacturing knitwears as an artform. We make amazing knitted items we’re really proud of and deliver them right to your door. Our lead times can be as low as 14 days + shipping time.
    • Knitting Machines
Knitting by hand can be time consuming, so stop the hassle with needles, stitches and all that, and have your knit apparel manufactured in by us. Our knitwears are made using digital knitting machines. These machines vary in capability so it is important to know how the machines work to know which process is best for each particular design. We have been creating and making custom knitted items for years so we know what machine will work best for your design. We also use the most advanced knitting machines which means that even the most intricate designs can be made into knitted outfits. Handmade details such as crochet, fringe, hand trim or brush can also be added, remember we make art through knitwears, and our knit items are aimed to be your favourite wardrobe item for years to come.
    • Yarn
We have made thousands and thousands of knitwears so we know what yarn works well for each design depends on the desired effect, hand touch, durability and price point. Other than mohair, cashmere, silk cotton and merino wool we can also knit with functional yarns, thermal yarn and other less mainstream yarns. They can be custom selected for activewear, children, elderly, pets, men, women or any special needs.
    • Design
Design is knitted in, stitch by stitch, not printed or embroidered. The knit item is not made first with the design added later. This makes the design completely custom made. Even it is the same design, a change of yarn, knitting technique (fine vs chunky knit) can make a huge difference. Please feel free to get in touch to get your idea into reality!
    • Colors
If you have an exact color you need (color of your brand etc) tell us and we will use it. Whatever color you need-from standard to unique colors, we can do custom dyeing and make it work.

Can I send through a design I’d like to get made?

Of course. If you’ve got something in mind to make your custom knitwear stand out, just let us know so we can take a look and get started on it for you.

Can you help with design?

Of course. We have a skilled creative team that would be more than happy to help with your design, incorporating any logos, colors, imagery or a feeling you think would make your knitted clothing the best they can be. We will accommodate whatever works best for you!

Can you help to test if my design is popular?

We do collaborate with different creators and influencer to test launch knitwear campaigns. However the process is currently invite-only. Complete this short survey form and we will get back to you if we think we can be good partners!

Can I speak to someone about my idea?

Absolutely. Every customer is assigned an account manager and they’ll be fully available throughout the process. You can always expect to hear back on any query in under 24 hours! Talk To Us

Are there any hidden costs?

None! We’ll give you the full price up front, including both taxing and shipping right to your target destination.

Can I get my own labels?

No problem – we can make and include your logo on the private label of each knitwear.

Are there any design restrictions?

You have total freedom to create only the most amazing designs! The patterns, logos and text can go anywhere so you can use the front, back and sleeves. You can use any colors you like. Details can be added to the cuffs, collars and hem.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship worldwide. UK, USA, Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea – We worked with partner worldwide. The shipping cost is calculated based on product, quantity, destination and is charged as part of the initial payment. We will show you the shipping charge with the main order payment, all at the one time. You can reduce your shipping costs and make savings by designing early. For instance, for orders placed in August, you have a slower shipping option which means your items will arrive in early November. There is a huge cost saving on slower shipping and you’ll have lots of time for the knitwears to arrive and be photographed and stocked in plenty of time for the holidays. In addition, it is much much better for the environment.

What else?

Almost all merch ends up in landfill without being used. Not our knitwears – these unique pieces of artwork are loved by all. Creating a unique knitted design that’s loved and re-worn over and over again is our aim. We love watching social to see how your pieces of art end up. We’ve been part of the knitwear trendsetting for over 10 years and we know how to make them last. We communicate design brief online then deliver worldwide, with express production and express delivery services. That’s knitwear in the 21st century. Focus on the designs and create them wherever you want – at home or on the road. We take care of the knitting and bring your ideas to life. You got some nice patterns for a custom made blanket, mitten or scarf, and want to have it translated into knitwear? Look no further, start your design online or contact us for details on how to make your own custom design. Contact US