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Knitwear Wholesale Supplier

Ready to start ordering knitwear wholesale online?

Buy one-of-a-kind knitted outfits, home decor, gifts, and blankets designed by creators all around the world. Purchase wholesale knit items that your customers will love; these amazing knitwear designs are not available on anywhere else; you can only buy them from Little Good Knits.

You can design and style your own custom items. But that’s not for everyone. If you’re *not* a designer, you’ll likely look to source ready-made designs that fit your brand aesthetic and meet a customer need. 

LittleGoodKnits.com offers a comprehensive wholesale solution delivering a broad range of quality knitwear to brands and retailers across the world. Our skills extend across trend research, design, development, sourcing and trendsetting.

For the past decade, we have focused on the art of producing beautifully crafted knitwear for indie fashion brands and influential boutiques based in the United Kingdom, USA, Europe, Korea, Australia, Canada and Japan.

If you would like to become a stockist, agent or distributor for any of our displayed knitwear collection, please get in touch.

Knitwear wholesale services

Knit clothing is a pretty safe bet when it comes to finding products with infinite demand. Everyone needs to wear clothes, and knitwear is considered a basic necessity in most places especially for the cold months. So when discretionary spending tanks along with the economy, there’s still a pretty reasonable demand for knitted outfits. 

We can offer the highest levels of quality control and reprocessing, embroidery and rebranding combined with rapidly available wholesale stock with little minimum order as your private label knitwear wholesale supplier. Our fully scalable solution can manage both large and small orders and can scale with your business as it grows.

Our additional services include

Please browse our website to see our current capabilities and stock service knitwear. Thank you!

Helping all shopkeepers buy quality knitwears designed by independent creators and artisans.

Ready for fresh knitwear looks for resale in your shop?

We have a diverse and wide range of popular knits that you can offer your customers for their wardrobe. Explore everything from warm wools for those chilly days to light layers for spring or summer – a complete knitwear collection for all year long!

All of our sweaters, cardigans, loungewear, and other knitwears are created to look and feel fantastic. Unlike printed sweatshirts, these knitwears are of great quality, ensuring a premium product that can be used for years. We work with a lot of fashion brands, designers, and producers that place frequent orders with us, and we’re quite happy of what we do.

Who we work with?

  • Galleries, Museum stores and bookshops
  • Online / offline retailers and boutiques (Dropship, Etsy, Depop, Social Media Live streams, Shopping Malls, local boutiques etc)
  • Gift shops and other niche shops
  • Shopkeepers and fashion buyers

LittleGoodKnits.com can be your best wholesale supplier If you are looking for a brand-new collection of knit sweaters, jumpers, cardigans, lounge wears, scarves, mitten, beanies and blankets for your store. We are sure your customers will fall in love with the range of colours, styles, unique details, and prints you would have to offer when you shop at ours.

What we knit?

We don’t sell cheap sweaters or bad sweatshirts since we believe they look bad and don’t reflect the quality of the brands we deal with. We are a sustainable knitwear manufacturer sells only high-quality knits that you will be delighted to sell to your clients. That can include knit sweaters, jumpers, cardigans, lounge wears, scarves, mitten, beanies and blankets designed by independent creators, produced by LittleGoodKnits.com

How we knit?

We’ve been working as knit consultants for various indie fashion brands for over a decade. Knitwear production is an art form that we excel at. We create fantastic knitted products that we are quite proud of and deliver them directly to your target address. Our lead times can be as short as 14 days excluding shipping.

  • Knitting Machines

Our knitwear is created on digital knitting machines. Because the capabilities of these machines differ, it is critical to understand how they work in order to choose which procedure is ideal for any specific design.

We’ve been designing and producing bespoke knitted products for years, so we know which machine will best suit your design. We also use the most advanced knitting machines, which allows us to knit even the most delicate designs.

Hand knitted or crafted details can also be added; remember, we create art through knitting, and our knit pieces are designed to become symbols of subcultures.

  • Yarn

We’ve knitted thousands and thousands of outfits, so we know what yarn works best for each design based on the intended effect, hand feel, durability, and price range.

Our wholesale men’s and women’s knitwear assortment includes clothes and accessories made of quality merino wool, cashmere, silk cotton, mohair, 100% cotton, and 100% lambswool, allowing your company to select and choose the ranges that best suit your brand.

Aside from common natural materials, we can knit with functional yarns, thermal yarns, and other less common yarns. These can be customized for activewear, children, the elderly, pets, men, women, plus size or any other particular need.

  • Design

The design is knitted in, stitch by stitch, rather than being printed or embroidered. The design is actually knitted in when the yarn is transformed into knitwear. This entirely customizes the design for more unusual results.

  • Colors

Because the facility includes a yarn dying section, we can utilize any color you require, from standard to unusual.

Do you ship internationally?

Our studio is based in London, but we work with factories, yarn suppliers, wholesale partners and customers worldwide.

Yes, we ship internationally. We collaborated with partners from the United Kingdom, the United States, Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan, and Korea. The shipping fee is calculated based on the weight of the items, quantity, destination and is included in the initial payment. We will display the delivery price along with the main order payment all at once.

By deciding early, you can cut shipping costs and save money. For example, if you place an order in August, you can choose a slower shipping option, which means your products would arrive in early November. Slower delivery saves money, and you’ll have plenty of time for the knitwears to arrive, be photographed, and stocked in time for the holidays. Furthermore, it is considerably better for the environment.

What else?

Everyone adores our one-of-a-kind knitted artwork. Our goal is to create one-of-a-kind knitwear designs that will be adored and re-worn again and again. We’ve been setting knitwear trends for over ten years and know how to make them last.

We communicate design briefs online and distribute worldwide, using express manufacturing and delivery services. That is knitwear design, production, supply and wholesale in the twenty-first century 🙂