Australian Native Flowers Embroidered Jumper


Australian Native Flowers Embroidered Jumper

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Way down in the Outback of Australia, elders from ancient tribe gathered to tell a special story about native Australian flowers and their meanings one evening. Each elder had a different flower tucked behind their ear or woven into their hair as they spoke.

The first elder spoke of the banksia, which symbolized resilience, rebirth and strength in spite of difficulties.

The second shared how the kangaroo paw represented uniqueness, individuality and the power to survive despite adversity.

Then, the third elder told about how the waratah stood for beauty of life, love and support of a lost partner, and how it was important to remember courage is often necessary in order to heal and make changes.

Finally, the youngest elder spoke about how the wattle flower symbolizes reflection, peace and understanding among all creatures—from humans to animals alike—and taught us that we should never give up on hope or our dreams no matter what life throws at us.

As they finished telling their stories, all of the elders smiled warmly and nodded in agreement with each other’s words; it was clear that they had all been touched by this tale in some way or another. “We must always keep these native Australian flowers close to our hearts, for their symbolic meanings will guide us through even our most difficult days.” At that moment, everyone knew that this story would be remembered for many years to come—a reminder to always find strength through hope, courage through passion, and knowledge through wisdom—just like those beautiful native Australian flowers!

Support a Cause

⚡⚡⚡Little Good Knits for Bush Heritage Australia⚡⚡⚡

The charity will receive 1% of campaign revenue if the campaign goal is achieved.


This pink and white pullover sweater looks and feels super soft, ultra comfy. It is with the feature mohair fluffy look and always ready to give you comforting cuddles. The bodice features abstract jacquard knitted pattern of Australian native flowers (banksia, kangaroo paw, waratah & wattle flower). There is also a floral embroidery of  pink waratah at right chest of the jumper – to remind you about the beautiful land of Australia or the lost love.

It is a perfect gift for any Aussie who loves flowers, nature and gardening. Or those who is looking for a meaningful knit clothing that helps the remembrance/memorial for lost loved ones.

  • Neckline – Crew Neck
  • Fit or Cut – Loose Fit
  • Sleeve Type – Long Sleeve
  • Pattern Details – Floral
  • Color – Baby Pink, White, Multicolor, Pastel, 2 Colors Combination
  • Style – Sweater, Jumper
  • Season – All Seasons
  • Features – Breathable, Collarless, Embroidery Flower, Floral Patterns
  • Occasion – Casual
  • Theme – Flower, Graphic, Designer, City, Urban Chic, Simple, Modern, Street Style, Cool, Stylish, Relaxed, Comfortable, Fluffy, Cozy, Oversized
  • Fabric Type – Knit
  • Knit Style – Plain knit, Jacquard knit

Size Guide

Make sure to check our sizing reference page as your order is NOT REFUNDABLE once the campaign is successful.

Kirill in the photo is wearing Size 1. His sizing details:

  • Height: 186 cm,
  • Chest: 88cm,
  • Waist: 72cm,
  • Hips: 93cm

We recommend measuring the chest circumference from underarm to underarm of a cardigan/jumper/sweater that you like the fit of, and choosing the nearest corresponding size.