“Knight’s Constellation” Mohair Scarf by Viridianruins

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"Knight's Constellation" Mohair Scarf by Viridianruins $87.00 Original price was: $87.00.$57.00Current price is: $57.00.
Oversized Fit

All of our knit tops will give you the ultimate oversized chic look. They’ll keep you warm and happy in the cold season, but are also great to drape over a linen look in the summer evenings or with some cut off denim shorts for an early Summer morning walk.

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This knitwear, like all of our quality Little Good Knits, should be treated as a piece of wearable art. It is built to be collectible and last for decades.

Ethically made with mohair merino wool blend yarns, our knitwear is soft, light, warm, durable, fluffy and with the signature fuzzy look. More details HERE.

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Care Guide
  • Storage: Fold your knitwear and set them on a shelf in a wardrobe or chest of drawers to keep them between wears. This keeps them from getting squished or stretched out of shape.
  • Machine Wash: Turn your knitwear inside out, then machine wash in DELICATE setting at temperatures of no more than 30 degrees celsius using a mild and gentle detergent. Wash with similar colors. Please make use of a laundry net.
  • Hand Wash: Turn your knitwear inside out, allow to soak for a period of 10 minutes before rinsing thoroughly firstly in lukewarm water, then finally in cold water. Wash using a mild and gentle detergent. Do not leave it wet for an extended period of time.
  • Drying: Allow drying naturally on a flat surface in shade. Dry cleanable.
  • Ironing: To remove wrinkles and make the surface more fluffy, use a steamer.
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Message from the Creator

Magic and art are all around us! For the modern knight, novice wizard, ren faire connoisseur, or anyone who loves stars and swords. This wearable art piece is inspired by my love of fantasy stories, and bright saturated art.
Viridianruins is an fantasy illustrator, painter, rug designer and webtoon author (The Crow Tales). You can find more of the work here.

Support a Cause

Viridianruins would like to have your help to fundraise for Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

Viridianruins will donate 1% of campaign revenue if the campaign goal is achieved. will do a donation matching.


Starry Nights, Bold Adventures: Step into a world where dragons soar, unicorns gallop, cosmic quest and ancient spells weave through the stardust. The fantasy-themed scarf isn’t just an accessory for the knight; it’s a portal to realms unknown.

Here’s why you need one:

    1. Conversations Ignite: Fantasy-themed scarves are conversation starters. Whether you’re going to school or work or flipping pages in your favorite bookstore, your scarf will turn heads. “Where did you get that?” Brace for inquiries. This scarf sparks tales of constellations and chivalry. They invite curious glances and lead to delightful exchanges about magical creatures, forgotten legends, and favorite fantasy novels.
    2. Gifts from Enchanted Lands: Hand someone a star-sword accessory. Say, “Adventure awaits.” Gifting a fantasy-themed scarf is like handing someone a piece of magic. It says, “I see the magic in you.” Whether it’s for a friend, lover, or family member, hearts will glow.
    3. Escape Reality: Life can be mundane, but your scarf doesn’t have to be. Slip it on, and suddenly you’re wandering through enchanted forests, chasing starry fireflies, and conversing with ancient knight spirits. It’s a secret escape hatch from the ordinary.
    4. Embrace Your Inner Heroine: Every fantasy tale has a heroine—a warrior, a mage, or a misfit destined for greatness. When you wear your scarf, you channel that energy. Suddenly, you’re the protagonist of your own epic adventure.
    5. Seasonless Magic: Scarves aren’t bound by seasons. In winter, they keep you cozy; in summer, they add a touch of enchantment without overheating. Plus, they’re perfect for breezy evenings under moonlit skies.
    6. Comfort with a Twist: Wrap yourself in ethereal fantasy. These scarves blend premium mohair yarns with whimsical designs—think celestial constellations, mystical medieval knight lives, and hidden secrets in the dark unknown. Stars twinkle across the sunrise. Swords dance along the edges. It’s elegance with a dash of daring.

Early Supporter Price End Date

3 May 2024


All orders will need 1 to 2 weeks to be assembled (they are all made to order), and will be delivered within 1 to 4 weeks depending on the actual location. (so 2 to 6 weeks from the ordering date)


  • Pattern Details – Stars, Sword, Eyes, Graphic
  • Color – Burgundy, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Black
  • Style – Scarf
  • Season – All Seasons
  • Features – Embroidery
  • Occasion – Casual
  • Theme – Fantasy, Medieval, Knight, Weapon Core, Colorful, Bright Colors, Dopamine Dressing, Celestial Chic, Comfortable, Fluffy, Cozy
  • Fabric Type – Knit
  • Knit Style – Solid Knit with Hand Brush Fine Finish

Please keep in mind that the color in the photos may not match the color of the real product. This could be because of the lighting, the angle at which you look at the photo, the screen or monitor setting etc.

Size Guide

Roughly 18.5cm (Width) * 150cm (Length)


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