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How to Care for Mohair Knitwear? (Complete Guide)

Mohair is one of our favorite fibers for knitwear since it is a hair fiber with no scales, which gives it superior waterproof characteristics. The lack of scales also permits dye to take on a remarkably vibrant color and mohair is more wrinkle resistant than wool. Mohair has strong insulating capabilities, so if you’re looking […]

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How to Stop Mohair from Itching? (Complete Guide)

There are various techniques for making mohair less itchy. Shampoo and condition your mohair knitwear before wearing it, put a layer beneath, or experiment with various varieties of mohair. You may enjoy the rich feel of mohair without any pain with a little effort! Is there a way to make a mohair knitwear less itchy? […]

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Is Mohair Sweater Itchy to Wear?

Mohair fiber has a smooth, silky touch to it. It is less itchy than sheep wool. Although some people with sensitive skin find Mohair uncomfortable, it is still gentler than other wool fibers. If you learn that you are allergic to mohair, avoid the temptation to purchase or wear it. Life is too short to […]

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What is Mohair? (Knitwear Yarn & Fabric Guide)

Mohair means a beautiful and luxurious knitting fabric made from the hair of the angora goats; many knitters and fashion designers choose to use a mohair blend yarn because the gloss and shine of mohair accent any garment or accessory. Mohair fabric is popular for knitting cold-weather clothing such as sweaters, cardigans, knit top, vest, […]